About Me

Hi! I’m AshenLanka,
Building web applications and online content, currently based in Sri Lanka via Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shantou. Alumnus of Sun Yatsen University & Tongji University. Intrigued by design, traveling, photography, classical music, writing, creative movies, armchair philosophy, fabulous food, and even better conversations.
Seeking to be inspired, to envision the unlikely, to work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

My Work

Here are recent developments!
With a focus on design, art and development, I have experience in a variety of related specialties.
Graphics Design
Skilled in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, editing raw images as well as vectors.
Web Development
Based on WordPress, Custom Template and plugin configuration with the knowledge of HTML5, CSS & PHP.
Based on WooCommerce, Online Web Store Setup, Payment Gateway configuration, Delivery Tracking etc.


If a story is in you, it has to come out.

Get In Touch

Got a project you’d like to discuss? I’m all ears.
No 138/13, Bothuragama road, Hittatiya-East Matara, Sri Lanka. 81000
E-mail: hello@ashenlanka.com Phone: +94 77 658 66 99
+94 70 77 658 66 99

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