I’d been building WordPress websites as a hobby since 2008. I tried a bunch of other different things…visual editing, programming, marketing…but I realized that design and development was sort of my thing.

Getting a ‘real’ job as a web designer wasn’t even an option for me. I’m self taught. I didn’t go to school for it, I didn’t have work experience, and I didn’t have a portfolio. How would I even get an interview?

But with the clock ticking, and after void that was haunting me after A/L’s I decided to write a simple CV, list some simple web projects I had made already and apply for some job positions. That’s when I met Kasun Wijayamanna from Australia. He is the founder of HelloPeople.com which had a subsidiary in Sri Lanka named Bizfab. He took me in as WordPress Developer trainee. In the beginning it was a very challenging! I was doing on the job training. Bizfab had a very friendly staff, Sandeep – Joomla & Java Developer, Dhanushka – Mobile App Developer , Theepan – UI/UX Developer and Dhanushi – QC. I learned a lot from them!

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